“I have been doing a lot of research before diving into the pool service business.  I would highly recommend that before you invest in a pool service route that you educate yourself with this book. You will save yourself a lot of wasted time and money when you are just starting out!  If you are a newbie like me, you will learn something in every chapter!” S. Parson (Phoenix, AZ) “Finally!!  A pool business book actually written by pool service professionals that is informative, straight forward and offers realistic strategies for success.  I found the book to have plenty of useful tips that I can start using to grow my business. It was simple to read with an easy writing style.  After completing the book I was motivated and inspired to make some positive changes to the way I am running my pool business.” B. Stutts, (Pool Bright, Roseville, CA) “Cory & Jason's book is a must read for anyone thinking about going into the pool service business.  It is well-written and gives you all you need to know about how to start your own successful business.” David Melton (Shareholder, Porter Scott Attorneys, Sacramento, CA) Springboard Pool Route Brokers © copyright 2012