Springboard Pool Route Brokers © copyright 2012 Getting Started:  Creating a business plan; developing a business image; choosing a business structure; buying equipment and chemicals. Running a Successful Business:  Defining your business services; pricing strategies; maintaining good records; how not to kill your pool business. Growing Your Business:  Projecting a professional image; raising your rates; marketing and advertising; becoming an industry specialist. Creating Long-Term Success: The basic knowledge you need to know to get started and to stay on the path to success; valuable industry resources that you’ll want to tap into for even more help. To help you break into the pool service business and create a sustainable company, Pool Service Success covers these and other key points: Cory Mouillesseaux and Jason Anderson want to help increase your chances of success in an industry that they've been involved with for many years. In their new book, Pool Service Success:  The insider's guide to starting, running, and growing a highly profitable pool service business, this entrepreneurial pair combines valuable insights with proven knowledge to show you how to succeed as a pool service business owner. Table of Contents CLICK to Enlarge